How to stream big video files- 70 GB and reading speed is greater than 50mo / sec

The use of the nas would be a personal and professional storage for me and my wife secondarily. Its main use would be as storage and access to all of my relatively large video library (16TB and continuously growing 😊 …). Some movies are more than 70 GB and reading speed is greater than 50mo / sec … In order to have a sufficient flow I would go to a NAS with 10Gbe interface. The idea would be to Connect it directly to a network card pcie 10gbe put on my pc and to create the storage folders as network folder on the pc. I would install the plex server on the pc as well as the plex player so that all plex management is done on the pc that will be much more powerful than the nas. The pc would be connected directly to the home theater to send him sound and images.

The nas will obviously be connected to the network also to have access to it everywhere.

What do you think of this montage? What do you advise me?

My research directed me to a synology nas to have the shr raid that I found very convenient but I’m open to other brand.. For synology I was looking for ds1817 or a ds1618 +? The advantage of the 1618+ would be a faster processor and higher throughput but it only contains “6” bays making it less scalable. By cons it would be necessary to invest in a 10gbe card and probably in long terme in an expension case. The ds1817 is cheaper but has a less powerful processor (is it really penalizing with the planned setup?) And a slightly lower bitrate … But the card pcie 10gbe is included and the scalability is more important. My budget is max 1000 € for the nas (without drives) with function 10gbe. What do you think ?

You could use regular Gigabit connection if you plan on having only one simultaneous stream. But if you need two or more heavy 50MB/s streams then 10GbE indeed will do the magic. DS1817 is a weak NAS, but it can deliver around 300-500MB/s. This is all you need. But if you need something more expandable then DS1618+ or DS1819+ will be an option.

All this linked to a NUC mini PC and connected to a TV will work just like you have planed it.


I hope this helps.


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