Mac Compatible Data Migration Software for Synology NAS

Hi there, big fan. Thanks for all your information. I just purchased the Synology DS418play. I am building a home office database for my photography business. I currently use several 3TB drives in docking stations for my archive process, no raid system, just individual drives duplicated over time. I’m wondering what your best advice is for consolidating roughly 10-12TB of data (photos only no video) from these numerous drives to my new set of 4x8tb Seagate iornhorse pro drives in the NAS? I see some people suggest Teracopy for managing the transfers but I do not see a Mac compatible version. Any suggestions? Or do I simply drag and drop incrementally, piece by piece?

Seeing as I want this to be an ever growing database I am as of yet still unsure of the best raid method for the 4bays. Speed could be of a slightly higher priority over safety seeing as I’ll make regular cold storage backups using my docking stations. Thank you ever so much for the help.


The best way of transferring your data to the NAS would be by connecting your docking station via USB3 at the back of the Synology. This will be the fastest bandwidth you can get with this model. USB3 is around 5Gbit/s whereas LAN is just a 1Gbit.
If you do not want to or have no easy access to your Synology then the next best way of doing it would be via mounted network drive. In you computer you will see attached folder where you can drag and drop all files.

I hope this helps.


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