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My name is Manuel, Post Production Supervisor  Berlin, Germany. We also have an office in Düsseldorf which is part of the reason I am sending you this message. First of all, I would like to purchase a fast storage solution that every machine on our network in Berlin can connect to and work from (currently it is 4 workstations but might be more in the future). We currently have following positions in-house: an offline editor, online editor, a compositing artist/animator and me, colorist and we all would like to work from the same media that will be consolidated to our new network attached storage.
Also, I would like to run one single Postgres DaVinci Resolve database on that server that every machine can access, so we can conform and color simultaneously.

The second part, and that’s the one where it gets a bit tricky and I would really appreciate your advice on – if possible, I would like to get our two editors from Düsseldorf to connect to that exact same storage (through VPN?). Part of the reason is that I would like to avoid sending harddrives and RAIDs back and forth (as it is done right now), and also, to let them access our Resolve database so we don’t have to deal with exporting and importing multiple versions of projects.

Do you think there is a solution to our problem/case/scenario? I would really appreciate your help!

Hello Manuel,

In order to be able to collaborate effectively you should look at something with several 10GbE ports and decent Intel processor like i7. The best choice for last year has been TVS-1282 (also thunderbolt model).  You get several 10GbE as well as 1GbE ports allowing users to benefit from full bandwidth speed. The NAS filled with Pro HDD or SSD will ensure fast enough dat writing and reading speed for multi user environments.

You can store your DaVinci Resolve database on the server and access it over your network.

You can also create virtual machines on this NAS so that people can also connect and work with project remotely. But you cal also connect it to your computer over the internet using Webdav function. But speed will be limited to the internet you you on both ends. You can also create vpn connection and connect to your NAS this way. But speed again will depend on your connection.

If you want something more expandable like rackmount then alternative would be TES-1885U. But it will require a server room because of its noise.

I hope this helps.


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