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10Gbe NAS for VFX video editing

10Gbe Nas for VFX I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Drobo NAS for my home studio. I’m doing a lot of Video editing, Visual Effects, and Animation across mainly 2 computers (a Mac and a PC, both have TB3 and 10GBE connections available). The Drobo just can’t cut it for what I’m wanting […]

Qnap release TVS-672X and TVS-872X core i3 NAS for Plex and video editing

Qnap release TVS-672X and TVS-872X core i3 NAS for Plex and video editing TVS-672X-i3-8G   – 6 bays TVS-872X-i3-8G   – 8 bays   CPU Intel® Core™ i3-8100T quad-core 3.1 GHz processor CPU architecture 64-bit x86 Graphics processor Intel® UHD Graphics 630 Floating point arithmetic Encryption engine  (AES-NI) Hardware acceleration System memory 8 GB SODIMM DDR4 (1 […]

PegasusPro Thunderbolt NAS Collaborative Video Editing

Santa Clara, California, December 3, 2020 — PROMISE Technology Inc., the leading storage solutions provider, today announced the global availability of its latest series, PegasusPro Series storage solution. Marking years of developing solutions for Adobe® Creative Cloud® users, the new series offers seamless integration with the industry-leading video editing software, Adobe Premiere® Pro, which enables PegasusPro Series to support […]

NAS for video editing in AVID

Nas with Avid Thanks for your insights here and I will buy through your site, providing I can find the right NAS system. I have an AVID system (2020 HP Zbook Laptop PC but also an older version running on an old 2009 MAC ) and I want to use HD only footage, about 20TB […]

What the difference editing video via 1GbE or 10GbE connected NAS?

But how crucial is it to have 10gbe vs 1gbe for video editing. My drive has SSD options – should I go for that have store working video files on those drives. You can edit on either of the connections. The difference is speed. Editing via 1GbE is like working on a slow USB2 external […]

Single user video editing NAS solution

I am running a windows based Adobe Premiere / Adobe After Effects system editing documentaries and television shows. Six months ago the shows were sufficiently spaced out that I could run them all on the desktop machine (running 3 x 4TB SSDs and a 1TB m.2 for the software). Then I would offload each series […]

NAS for Lightroom photo editing

NAS for Lightroom photo editing Hi, love the videos, very helpful. I edit files in Ligthroom on an Mac and need a lot of robust storage. My current solution using USB drives is not working. My priority is not to have lag opening large RAW files to edit with lightroom or browsing large file structures. […]

Scalable NAS for video editing

Scalable NAS for video editing I manage a small video editing/distribution company and am looking for budget conscious solutions for a scaleable NAS solution starting with 800TB. We need to be able to have the NAS fast enough to for multiple editors (up to 5) to work off the NAS in Premiere, and encode multiple […]

Do I need caching on a NAS for video editing?

Do I need caching on a NAS for video editing? Though I’d want to edit straight from the NAS. So I’m wondering if having a single media cache SSD in my PC is enough to not need the cache on the NAS. Hope I’m making sense! Adobe and other editing software have a scratch disk […]

Video Editing NAS 8K Requirements

Video Editing NAS 8K Requirements What we do is video edit, primarily RED 8K footage our projects tend to be 1-2TB in size and real-time editing is a must. We currently have several TB2 and TB3 G-Tech Studio XL’s that we use and edit straight from there. I’ve looked at the DS3617xs and Qnap – […]

Qnap TS-873 vs TVS-872XT for Video editing

Qnap TS-873 vs TVS-872XT for Video editing I’m expanding my post-production suite for my small production company and I’m looking for the best value HIgh-speed NAS for video editing. I thinking an 8 bay unit with M2 slots for SSD caching is what I need and 10GbE. I need to connect up to 4 users […]

Best video editing solution for 8K editing

I love your videos and have been watching recently. I run a production company down in here in Melbourne, Australia and we’ve been meaning to severely upgrade our storage solution for many months now. We’re after 24 bays, and at least 100-150TB useable storage. What would you recommend for us with these requirements? We also […]

Remote and local video editing collaboration NAS solution

My name is Manuel, Post Production Supervisor  Berlin, Germany. We also have an office in Düsseldorf which is part of the reason I am sending you this message. First of all, I would like to purchase a fast storage solution that every machine on our network in Berlin can connect to and work from (currently […]

Fastest 4TB drives for video editing

Hi, i have always been a fan of yours, and i have read tons about NAS drives since 2015 when i got my first wd mycloud for my little design office. We have moved on and now we are a 6-people team and we are looking forward to improve our network speed since we work […]

TVS-972XU i3 vs Synology RS1619XS+ video editing/rendering directly

I am looking to invest in a NAS but am unsure of what is best although I am attracted to the Synology RS1619XS+ after looking around. Current infrastructure; home with cat5e hardwiring throughout the home. All wires go down to a centralised rack in the basement. Network run by DrayTek 2862 router + 3 x […]

DS1819+ vs TVS-872XT – best 10G video editing storage

I really like the synology boxes. Would the 1819+ really be fast enough if I used all 1tb SSDs in it, with just me editing over 10gbe? If yes… Then can I install 1 NIC in my workstation, in a pcie x4 slot and direct connect to the 1819+ via cat6a or cat7.. and have […]

Best NAS for video editing on AVID MEDIA COMPOSER and Auto Desk FLAME

I run a small outfit with some friends and we currently need a NAS/ DAS system that is able to support a total of 8 users. 6 of those users are basic usage with file sharing / transferring, while the other two are editors. Both systems will be running AVID MEDIA COMPOSER and Auto Desk […]

Best NAS configuration for video editing

I just purchased a new NAS TVS-872XT for our graphic design studio (15 employees). The specs of the box are below. I was wondering if you could help walk through the initial setup of RAID / Snapshots / SSD over-provisioning / Volume / QTier / etc. I would like to avoid setting up the box […]