10Gbe NAS for VFX video editing

10Gbe Nas for VFX

I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Drobo NAS for my home studio. I’m doing a lot of Video editing, Visual Effects, and Animation across mainly 2 computers (a Mac and a PC, both have TB3 and 10GBE connections available). The Drobo just can’t cut it for what I’m wanting to do. I’d like to have a central storage NAS fro multiple projects while keeping the Drobo around to serve as a Back up and Live Archive. Footage is usually 1080P, but sometimes can get up to 6k and usually either 4444 or RAW. I’ve been leaning towards a 10GBE QNAP system, but having trouble narrowing it down. I build a 10GBE network and already have a 10GBE QNAP Switch.

I’ve been looking at the TVS-872XT, TVS-h1288X, a TS-h973AX, or a TS-h886 with a 10GBE card. I’ll be looking to upgrade the device to have more ram and NVMEs as well, so I’m needing to factor that in to the price.

I’d rather stick with 8 or more bays of 3.5′ HDDs adn tack on SSDs and/or NVMEs in a tiered system, but if you have another recommendation, I’d love to hear it.

Is it worth it to get a dual 10GBE connection for such a small network?


Many people choose Thunderbolt NAS like TVS-872XT and 88X series so they can edit directly from this storage device.
These models come with nvme cache/storage slots. This allows editing on SSD volume and HDD RAID can be used for backups/ project storage.
Also having 10GbE connections allows collaboration. Multiple people can work on the same projects. Having dual port 10G is useful if you have more editors editing 4k. Otherwise single 10g or Thunderbolt port is enough. You should aim at 300MB/s per editor.

I hope this helps.



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