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I ‘m a videographer (in my spare time) and I am enquiring about whether to archive my old video files (18-20TB) into AWS cold storage or put them on a NAS. At the moment they are on 10+ hard drives, both external and portable.

My AWS cold storage enquiries seem to suggest it will cost about $40 a month for 20TB. However, after 4-5yrs it will cost roughly the same as a good 40 TB NAS without the functionality of having a media server. The other benefit for a NAS is not having to upload all my video files as it will literally take months to achieve.

Finally, I want to know whether I go with a hybrid option. Just put my family files and movies (probably about 2-4TB) on a smaller NAS and then put the rest 18-20TB in cold storage – but I’ll have similar problems as indicated above.

If I back everything up myself will I need a UPS in case of a power failure? However it is pretty rare here.


Yes, in a long term AWS will cost more then having your own NAS. A $40 a month for 5 years equals $2400. Of course you also need to pay for electricity. But quite well performing NAS like DS918+ would cost around 12.29p a day, which is 45/year (224/5years). But then you don’t need to worry about upload speeds as well as download speed. And you can stream your media and access files from anywhere over the internet or local network. UPS would add extra cost, but is not really necessary unless your area have unstable power grid.

If most of the data is really not accessed regularly, then you could get a DAS like Pegasus (or any cheap DAS box) or similar and copy all archive data there. You can connect it to your computer whenever you need the data.

The data you want to access on regular bases can be stored on smaller but yet expandable NAS like DS918+(if your data will grow) or cheap DS418j (non expandable). More data you have more bays you are gonna use. You can start with just two at the start.

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