iTunes Match on a NAS

Probably the most complicated task I am looking to be able to do with a NAS is to use iTunes Match. In order to continue to use

that service I have to have iTunes installed on a Mac or a PC. My understanding is that if I use a distribution like Ubuntu and a WINE compatibility layer I could install the Windows version of iTunes. I have also read the the app PlayOnLinux will do the job. Do you see any issues with these solutions? Do you have a simpler way to get this done? I”m completely unfamiliar with Linux. I can do a decent job getting a few things done behind-the-scenes in Windows, but am not someone who does a lot of customization of the OS.

When I reached out to QNAP with these questions they recommended the TS-253Be. The reasoning the rep gave me was that another solution for iTunes Match would be to create a Virtual Machine using their app Virtualization Sation. The rep did say that I would need to upgrade to 8GB of RAM in order to dedicate some RAM to the VM.

Yes, the TS-253B /453B as well as Synology DS718+ will let you create virtual machines. It is not limited to a Linux. It can also be a Windows virtual machine or even Android. You can also set up an iTunes server on the NAS as an app and stream music this way.

The fact you can use a Qnap as a PC is also true. Just plug in the mouse and keyboard and connect screen over HDMI. And you have a computer. There are models available with 4GB RAM and this will be enough. Or get a spare stick for an upgrade.

Here are steps to install Windows on Synology:

And on Qnap


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