Maximum size I can expand limits on a NAS

upgrading the amount of storage I have.

Hi, I have a QNAP 453-be server & it had 4 x 2tb drives in a raid 5 config. I wanted to up my storage & from what I read, the way to do it was to replace drives one at a time then expand. I did this with 4 x 10tb drives then got the message about the maximum size I can expand to is 27.2tb & then it goes off. I can’t find a way of expanding out to all my extra space.

This is due to the block size? I chose (it chose) when I first formatted & installed the system.




This is correct. The is no limit. What they mean is that every drive had theoretical and actual capacity. It is always less than HDD label says.
Here is more info

So when you add up all 4 drives with smaller capacities you get around 27TB with RAID5 configuration (one disk space used for redundancy). You can learn more here

I hope this helps.

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