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I am looking for a NAS that can download torrents easily and remotely, I have been using a Zyxel NSA 325 v2 with Transmission and have been relatively happy with the set up. I had this hooked up to Kodi and played my content over the network.

What I would like is something similar, a NAS that can torrent easily and remotely, run a vpn, and hook up to multiple instances of Kodi running on RPI 3. I am also building up my smart home and IOT hardware bit by bit so some integration would be nice but not necessary.

I have been looking at the Qnap 431p, TerraMaster F4-220 and similar Synology devices, any suggestion would be welcome

300 GBP 2 or 4 bay

These are very simple tasks for a NAS. Qnap 431p, as well as Synology ds418j, will easy cope with these. You can set up torrent download server and control it from your phone while away. You can connect it as a data storage source on the KODI, or even install Kodi on the NAS if there is HDMI port. Qnap is pioneering quite a lot on iot technology- this may be a deciding factor between these options.

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