Most secure NAS – WD, Qnap, Synology

Hi hope you had a lovely Christmas and that your safe during this mad time. The reason I am contacting you today is because now I work from home as a freelance 3D visual artist its high time I had a NAS back up solution. I really only need a NAS to back up my 3D working files and a few important documents like invoices and tax returns etc. I highly doubt I’ll be using this as a video streamer as I really have very little time being a new father and running my own business for watching lots of media.

I have been looking at the following solutions: WD Mycloud, Synology, Qnap and all seem to be pretty good however these are my concerns.

WD: Perfect low end consumer solution and seems quite easy to setup and use but I hear they are quite easy to hack and open to security threats?

Synology: Seem like the prefect solution, but, I’m hearing that they fail quite a lot and their customer support is appalling. This scares me quite a lot especially spending upto a thousand pounds on a solution that might fail quite easily.

Qnap: I know very little about these products

The best solution for running backup will certainly be Synology.
Here is a better description of these brands:

WD: Very easy to set up. But has very limited things you can do with it. And it is fairly slow. Support worse then Qnap/Synology

Synology: Very easy to set up and use. Have the best software to back up windows to its core. Also most reliable of all.

Qnap: Very feature-rich with advanced configuration options. This makes it more difficult to understand. There are more third-party apps compared to their own apps. Support somewhere similar to Synology.

If you want to protect your sensitive data, Synology will allow you to encrypt a shared folder. Qnap will also allow you to encrypt the entire volume or allow SED disks.

The security depends on your network settings, not that much on a NAS. If you have weak passwords and your router has unprotected ports open then security can be compromised. Otherwise, it is as secure as you make it be.

I hope this helps.

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