Moving from RAID5 to SHR1 with mixed drives

Currently having a DS414 (4*3TB WD30EFRX, 38500 Power on hrs, in RAID5) and a b+ (2*2TB Samsung HD203WI, 45000 Power on hours in RAID0)

Using the 414 mainly as:
Backup station (time machine for my mac’s @home, remote backup friends and family),
Photo station (storing foto’s, expose photo’s),
Web Station (Website development.. Sites are hosted remotely),
Video station (video storage)
Download Station (NZB’s)

Using the 210+ for additional Backup and storage purposes

I am in the process of upgrading/replacing the Disk Stations and move from RAID to SHR.. And maybe also start increasing the Disk-capacity and have the migration working ‘smoothly’

Here I want some advise;
I am looking in ordering either the DS1618+ (4GB) OR DS1817+ 2GB OR DS1817 8G. WITH an additional 2 WD80EFZX disks.
Initially, I’m gonna use the 2*8 TB disks to setup and migrate the newly bought system and later I will expand with the four WD30EFRX disks from the DS414..

The DS414 I will use later to replace the DS210+ with its 2*2TB disks + whatever I’ll find at home.

Can you please suggest what DS would best fit my needs (of did I even miss a device)

I would recommend DS1618+ it comes with new generation CPU better than ds18x series. It also features PCIe slot for later upgrades. I would suggest getting SSD cache card to improve IOPS for a web server and other daily tasks. Also, I have to compliment your decision of reusing old NAS to back up your main NAS. Many people rely purely on a RAID to keep their data safe. But they are forgetting about factors like fire, flood, burglaries when you can use all your data despite other protection mechanisms. But yes, your plan will work, and now you will enjoy other SHR and btrfs benefits Synology offers.

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