WDPR2100 & 4100 for Plex

I’m a first time NAS user and wanting to get my first NAS for plex. so far reviews point to a WD PR series and I’m thinking a 4 bay in case my storage requirements grow. here in lies my question.

if I were to purchase this can I run 2 initial drives in raid configuration at first then add further drives later if I need to expand them run raid 5? Also, what is the maximum drive space I can put in one slot? 10tb 12tb?

WD offers 2 (PR2100) and 4 bay (PR4100) NAS with a Plex hardware transcoding functionality free of charge.

You can and many people do start with only 1, 2 or 3 drives and add extra drives later. If you start with 2 drives- select RAID1. Later, migrate to a RAID5 when adding another drive or two. The maximum capacity for home users is 12TB drives but will change to 14TB soon.


When adding two additional drives to the 4 bay My Cloud, the current 2 drive RAID 1 mirror can be migrated to a 4 drive RAID 5 or RAID 10 without data loss.

  1. Access the Storage menu on the dashboard and click on Change RAID Mode button
  2. A warning notice will appear, click OK to continue
  3. Click the RAID 5 option
  4. Check the box for Migrate to RAID 5
  5. Click Next
  6. A warning notice will appear, click OK
  7. The added drives will go through a self-test
  8. When the self-test is completed, click Next
  9. Next Next Next
  10. Click Finish




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