NAS for central storage (file server) and web development (PHP, MySQL, Joomla).

Hi, I have been operating a QNAP NAS TS-239 Pro II for several years for central storage (file server) and web development (PHP, MySQL, Joomla). However now the requirements here raise (especially PHP version at 7.x) which is not possible to generally update to a newer version and QNAP does not provide any general update here. Moreover, with more complex system and once in a while photo and video processing, the performance could be better.
I am now considering a new NAS where I clearly prefer QNAP again to continue using the OS features since the old one is intended to be used as remote backup server. The new NAS should then provide virtualization capabilities to provide whichever versions of components (like PHP) are needed.
I am considering to buy the QNAP TS-251+ with 8GB RAM which I think fit best my needs but would appreciate your view on this. Power consumption is irrelevant for me.

1000€  4TB on RAID 1 minimum

I love to hear that you have a purpose for your old NAS. Remote backup will ensure that your data is disasters like flood, fire or theft.

The TS-251+ is an old NAS. For this reason, it might be selling at a cheaper price. It will do all of these things quite well. If you would consider a bit of future proofing then have a look at TS-253Be or 453be. It features Pcie slot which can be used for 10gbe/ M.2 cache card. This would be very beneficial for web/database server. It will cost a little more but will perform better and last longer.

If the budget is tight, then do get 251+. Here is a comparison between these two.


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