NAS for playing media on 4K TVs

For a small medical spa. Want to store all business data, and media files to be played back on 4k TVs within facility and some through their website. They also take a lot of photos, and would want access to that data for outside photographers, web designers, etc.

The best multimedia NAS solution in the budget under 2K is TVS-682 which features both – HDMI2.0 for 4K HDR 60HZ streaming and i3 for transcoding videos over slower networks. This processor is also powerful enough to stream video remotely over the internet. Regular Full HD (1080p) videos can be streamed to your TVs over WiFi, but 4K media might require network cable connection.
If you want to look at something cheaper- you can consider DS918+. It will stream up to 4K resolution media over the network just fine. It will also transcode most of the 4K when using DS Video app. If Plex is the player you use- you will be limited to a 1080p transcoding.

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