NAS for streaming my movies with the best quality

What I’m trying to accomplish is streaming my movies with the best quality with a price range around $1,200.

– I have always used small portable hard drives for watching movies,

– With the NAS will the internet speed have a big impact on the quality of my movies?
I have several 1080 BR movies on my portable drives and when streaming over the network will I lose quality?
– I tried looking at the products on your video and could not find anything for the QNAP?
– Will the RPM speed 7200 rpm vs 5400 have any effect on the quality?

– If not a NAS do you have any recommendations on hard drives I can just plug into the TV?

Most of the Qnap NAS models will support 1080p video streaming. If you go for TS-253Be/ TS453Be you will benefit from built-in transcoding engine. This will convert complicated or heavy video files to be easily streamed to your mobile devices or TV in the correct format. You will be able to stream your videos even across the internet. The video quality will be reduced based on the internet connection you have- so that you enjoy uninterrupted streaming. While streaming over the local network, quality will not be changed.

The 7200RPM drives are not used very often in a home environment because of the noise they create. The most popular and also recommended choice is WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf. Both equally reliable drives.

Plugging an external drive into your TV is very unenjoyable experience and can be very frustrating with large video collections.

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