NAS to use it with Kodi (over HDMI 2.0)

I am looking for a NAS to use it with Kodi (over HDMI), ideally with HDMI 2.0. I understood that Kodi will not be supported anymore but can be used unofficially. Actually I think a QNAP– or Asustor-NAS could match my needs. Maybe a normal NAS and a additional media-player could be a better solution, but actually I need booth and single devices might be much more expensive.

Anyhow there are a few questions:

1. Am I right that QNAP provides HDMI 2.0 only in highlevel NAS? Which is the cheapest QNAP-NAS with HDMI 2.0 (the number of HDDs is not important, 2 or 4 bays should be enough)?

That will be Qnap x82 series NAS like TVS-682 / 882 / 1282

a) Asustor seems to use a proprietary OS, so maybe every solution to run Kodi could not work in future?

One of the Asustor uniques selling points are KODI and HDMI 2.0, unlikely they will ever get rid of KODI.

b) What is the difference between an linux or embedded-linux QNAP system? I know the main difference but what is the difference in everyday use (especially to use Kodi for a long, long time)?

Qnap and other NASes are just a user interface installed on top of the Linux background. So there is no difference. NAS systems are just much easiet to configure with this interface. Very similar to Cpanel on Hosting platforms.

3. I heard that the problem with Kodi is that the manufacturers don’t wont to pay the license fee to the Dolby Laboratories. Is it possible to passthrough all sound formats to a home cinema system with direct playback inside Kodi through HDMI? (irrespective of limitations inside Kodi or the home cinema system)

Kodi removed KODI because many users abused this software by streaming illegal content. Instead of fixing root problem they chose to do a plaster strategy. You can do direct playback using Qnap own apps – no need for KODI.

4. I read that Kodi can also be used in a linux-virtualization:
a) Is a linux-virtualization also useable with HDMI?

Yes, it is. Many people choose this option.

b) Is the useable resolution limited or equal the system properties?

You can stream files at their original formats. For HDR content the only limitation is HDMI 2.0 requirement.

c) Is the performance in a linux-virtualization sufficient to run Kodi smoothly?

Yes, as long as you choose minimums 253B/453B series NAS or better.

d) Is there something to note concerning question 3?

5. Because of a maximum WAF (women acceptance factor) the Kodi on NAS should work like a regular media-player (Raspberry, Android etc.), especially:

a) Power on/off through IR-Remote when not in use

Yes, you can control KODI with a remote.

b) Autostart of Kodi after standby

As long as its software standby, not a TV standby.

c) Acceptable startup-time

I would recommend it keep running 24/7 and switch of only your TV. NAS meant to be on all the time.

d) Are there any differences between the use of Kodi directly or in a virtualization regarding the behavior as mentioned above?

Better performance always will be using Kodi directly as an app. Virtualisation will be slightly slower.

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