Plex Library Folders Empty – Synology DSM7

I’ve my Synology NAS to Plex and added my content, but the libraries are empty

The Directory Appears to be Empty?

On DSM 7 you need to

  1. go to Settings/Shared folder
  2. Select the media folder you want Plex to have access to
  3. Click Edit
  4. Open Permissions tab and select Internal user
  5. Find PlexMediaServer user
  6. Tick Read/Write permission box and click Save


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35 thoughts on “Plex Library Folders Empty – Synology DSM7

  1. error: “No soup for you.” I’m sure all my permissions are correct.
    In my case, PMS was never installed. Running DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 3. That’s the the app I want the most, and that’s the only app that does not work. Thank you for all the tutorial sir. I bought the DS920+ thanks to you.

  2. I had to give up before I smashed my laptop to bits in frustration. Plex refuses to organise my tv shows, and I have a tonne of them, almost 6tb worth. It’s organising all the episode ones together, all the episode twos together and so on, that’s when it sees them at all. Video station works so much better. I might have another go when I calm down a bit

  3. Glad for anyone that this worked for, but I could not get it to work. For anyone with my problems, I ended up having to download the plex install for DSM 7 from their website, then do a manual install of it and use the claim token method when installing. I then had to open plex form anywhere BUT the NAS menu (just open it from a web browser works). That initiated the server setup for me

  4. Can you help me? recently i reinstalled the plex. previously my ds918+ have a plex folder where i can sideload other plug-in. after i reinstalled the Plex folder missing. any idea where it go? i wanted to reload some plugin i’m using