PS5 faceplates upgrade

The Playstation 2 Design Custom Build of my PS5 System

For those that are interested in the build of the Playstation 5 system that I use in my videos on NASCompares, below is a collection of links to the components that make up this system.

Step 1 – The Black Matte Plates

There are ALOT of black plates that you can buy online for the PS5, but (as I found out in my own sad experience) the old cliche is true… you buy cheap, you GET cheap. You can pick up some casing for less than $20, but you will find that the internal hooks on each plate are badly formed (in the 3rd printing process) and either does not fully line up with the holes on the PS5, or are chalky on the edges. I found a good one on below that was a very good balance between build quality and price:


Step 2 – The Small PS1/PS Logo

This was way, WAY harder than it should have been to find! There are plenty of places online that sell Playstation One era logos HOWEVER they are either too big, not transparent OR are dull in colour. I found a company on eBay that sells stickers that are EXACTLY the right size, shape, colour and durability. The sticker is originally designed for the PS5 controller, I simply repurposed the sticker for the front of my PS5 console. And just £3/$4 with free/low delivery. You can find the link below:


Step 3 – The Large side panel PS5 Logo in PS2 Style

THIS was a bloody nightmare to find!!!! Again, there are plenty of two-bit sellers out there BUT they either sell shocking poor versions of the logo, non-transparent OR are paper (not plastic) stickers that are exceptionally low in durability and crease easily. In the end the very best ones I could find were from a seller on RedBubble. You will need to buy x2 (either side of your system) and there are even the means to do a PS1 tye model on great panels. IMPORTANT – Make sure you get the 14cm version. Find the link and details below:



THE ALTERNATIVE – Get the PS2 Style PS5 Build in one place

If some of the retailers selling the bits above no longer have stock OR you want to save a lot of time and effort and get it done in one go, I recommend the following page, as my brother used this and the results were exceptionally good. It lacks the small PS1 style front logo and it will cost you around £20/$25 more, but it IS easier and quicker.



Thanks for visiting. I hope you are enjoying my videos on the subject of SSD upgrades on the PS5 and hope you found the above details on my PS5 useful. Now, go outside in the sun… you look pasty and it’ll be winter soon!





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    248 thoughts on “PS5 faceplates upgrade

    1. WD Black is lack cause lagged frame. Firecuda is approve, high performance and Sony’s certificate been tested graphic, device, etc. Because Seagate’s design that high performance a SLS caches memory. Now Seagate addition a new Heatsink with SSD are available sales.

    2. Saved a ton by getting the 2 TB Samsung 980 Pro and third party aftermarket heat sink as opposed to proprietary built-in one during the holiday sales and couldn’t be happier with its performance. Matching or even surpassing the internal SSD in many games. Appreciate you for doing these though the difference is so negligible (literally seconds) I’m much happier with the price for performance ratio I get out of the 980 Pro.

    3. I went with the sn850 since it was 160 total from best buy. Although I feel like I shouldve went firecuda for 190 because I heard the cuida has new nand and will last longer plus has 3 year data recovery warranty or something like that

    4. Hi I notice from your site you are using a Samsung Pro 250GB, however the 250GB only has speeds advertised of 6400 read and 2700 write vs the 1TB 7000 read and 5000 write, would this not effect the results given you say they hit that 7000 read despite samsung sites stating 6400, as PS5 owners are more likely to buy higher capacity drives, is this not going to give the result that the drives are slower than they actually are?

    5. 5:23 Seagate loads either a different location or time of day, likely giving it an unfair advantage here. -1 star.
      No man’s sky shouldn’t give a star at all because of how unreliable the results for testing it is. -1 star off sabrent.
      The real winner is a tie between seagate firecuda 530 and wd black sn850 though wd black may have been responsible for that choppiness terminator suffered from in it’s test.
      I recommend you re-do terminator and borderlands 3’s tests to be sure.

    6. Is anyone doing the firmware update on the SN 850? It’s a minor firmware update for certain Motherboards that bottleneck. Not sure it makes a difference. I’m an IT and have several docks around, but not an M.2 on hand.

    7. Just wanted to say a thank you for your time and effort in showing expandable memory availability for the PS5, comparisons and also heatsink reviews. I’ve been watching since this video up until my purchase.

      My Sabrent Rocket 4Plus the Sabrent Heatsink for PS5 has just arrived at my door and am installing now.

      Again your efforts are appreciated. Keep it up…

      PS what did you do kill all the seagulls hahahaha in later vids kept waiting for the seagulls lol.

    8. @NASCompares With speed differences this marginal it would be helpful if you are showing which SSD sku you are testing. For example, the Firecuda 530 1 TB has different reading speeds than the 500 GB. It doesn’t help either that some games (like No Man Sky) are procedural. Loading speeds may vary. Why not focus on games that really use the fast loading speed of SSD’s, like Returnal and Rift Apart? If there are any differences, they should definitely be visible there.

    9. You’re the best man. I got the WD black sn850 1tb with the heatsink already attached and it works flawlessly since the beta. I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever between you and Marc cerny I trust you both and you weren’t wrong.

    10. Go for the cheapest. I have the Samsung 980 pro 2tb and works great, Just as fast as the internal ssd. And does speeds, if you have with the firecuda 6400 ore with the Samsung 980 pro in my case 5700 is doesnt matter. Does speeds after formating the drive are not always equal. When you format the drive again you might have other speeds. As long as the drive have 5500 youre good to go.
      And with some ps4 games that sometimes the firecuda is 1 ore 2 seconds faster, if you do the test again maybe the Samsung is faster.

    11. Thanks for the hard work and comparisons.
      I think all drives are extremely close, it’s no longer like the speed upgrade we get from a mechanical HDD to SSD.
      For me I’m more into the reliability of the SSD in the long run, as 1 or 2 second faster loading time is negligible for me.
      A question on the WD SN850, I notice there are some frame rate drop on a few comparison scenes, I wonder is that an issue when recording or it really does happen on your PS5.
      A few examples :
      8:15 look at the skull and compare with the other 3 drives.
      8:55 look at the fire
      10:25 when the character start running

    12. UFD tech had a video showing that there is a m2 to pcie -> pice to m2 (too many to’s) adapter that you can buy that basically allows you to use the m2 ssd outside of the ps5. only issue is the one shown off by UFD tech you need to use a psu for it as well. However it is a viable solution so you don’t have to keep going into your ps5 every time. And there looks to be no loss of speed what so ever.

    13. Thanks for all the info prior to the M.2 update going public! I snagged a WD Black SN850 1TB and fitted my own heatsink. I found it best value per TB. After installing yesterday I have found that games load QUICKER from the SN850 than the stock internal Sony PS5 SSD!

    14. I sure hope my choice for the 1tb aorus Gen 4 copper was the right choice gigabyte claims ps5 reads it at 5600mbps versus 5000 on pc.. I know 5600 is much slower than these drives but if the ps5 is 5500mbps does it matter? And if the Xbox is 3500 mbps and plays amazing .. is 5600 if it actually reads that good enough.. it was 183$ with tax which was good .. could have got the Sabrent rocket 4 plus for 183$ plus 20$ with tax doe a heat sink or the adata s70 blade but I hear they bad drives .. those were only 139$

    15. Im just glad the update has been released. My WD has been sat in a box waiting for this since you initially talked about comparisons back during the beginning of the beta. Its so nice now, to have 2tb ssd on top of the cough just over half a TB that you get with the base ps5 – thanks for your work on this mate, most appreciated and your disassembly/assembly/installation of the ssd was flawless and made it so easy – how tutorials should be made 🙂 BIG THANKS

    16. Today was an awesome day!
      I finally, FINALLY! Was able to install my 2tb Samsung 980 Pro, and I’m happy as a clam!!!
      What your video shows is, they’re all winners!
      1~3 second differences are splitting hairs in my opinion.
      Now if one was lading 10 seconds faster, OK, LOL!
      Bottom line? No matter which SSD you get out of these 4, you’re doing great!

    17. I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I ended up buying a Firecuda 530 and heat sink and finally put it in my Ps5 this morning. It works great! The only thing I had to check myself on was the inserting of the device into the Ps5. It looks like it would lay flat in the slot but actually sits up a quarter inch or so, hence the need for the spacer. Other than double checking that, it went super smooth. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    18. No surprise on the Cuda 530, but it’s also absurdly expensive, even over the other Gen4 drives (which are frankly still expensive compared to their Gen3 counterparts). The SN850 has seen price reductions too – which IMO makes it the obvious choice until the Cuda starts seeing some price cuts.

    19. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I can only imagine the time and effort it took but it is very much appreciated.
      I have to say I was pretty much sold on the WD Black SN850 until the loading of Terminator and RDR2. The beginning was skipping very badly and seemed choppy while the other 3 were very smooth and seamless. Why was the WD the only drive that was very choppy there on those loads?

    20. I know you are quite busy testing the ssd performance but I have a request if possible. Can you please make video on ssd temperature testing on ps5 please. 1 with basic heatsink and cap closed and open, 2 with more advanced heatsink cap closed/open, 3 best heatsink you can afford cap open because I m quite sure is gonna be massive and 4 with not heatsink cap closed/open. Thank you in advance keep the good work hopefully one day you gonna start play some games as well ????

    21. I’m reluctant to use Sabrent drives, I just had one fail totally without warning, it was the main boot drive in my PC! Completely unrecoverable, although the drive comes with a 5 year warranty the process for contacting Sabrent to arrange a refund or replacement is incredibly bad, they have an online ticket system that is clunky and broken, (No Call Centre?) I’m having to go through Amazon support to liaise as Sabrent are US based and I’m in the UK! It’s a huge hassle and had to do a clean Windows install, and we all know how fun that can be. Be wary of Sabrent if you’re budget conscious!

      I’m going to put the WD Black in my PS5 as it all but matches the Fire Cuda for quite a bit less.

    22. I have the SN850 1TB in my PC and it’s amazing. My load times on PC are just as good as PS5 from what I can tell. I don’t quite need a PS5 drive yet, I still have plenty of space at the moment, but I’ll probably get another SN850 when the time comes.

    23. I just installed my Sabrent Rocket Plus 2 tb on my ps5. It works great. Super fast speeds. We appreciate all your videos. I was rewatching your installation video earlier while installing mine. Great content as always. Best channel for the related content on YouTube. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated!

    24. Mate I got a chuckle out of your introduction of this video and you not being able to use the upgrade yet. Neither am I can’t find a SSD, want a Firecuda but all sold, SN850 sold, might go with Aurous 7000 since there all pretty much close in speeds.

    25. I’ve seen you mention durability a few times. How much does the durability of these drives (Gen4 1.4) matter if the SSD is used in a PS5 compared to being used in a PC?

      Thanks again for all your work! You are the top dog on YouTube regarding the PS5 SSD info!

    26. Love your videos! ???????????? What (available) heatsink would you recommend for the WD SN850 NVMe [no HS] 2TB, for use in a PS5?

      ..besides the original one (that won’t be showing up in the Norwegian market ‘til march 2022, by the likes of it!)