PS5 faceplates upgrade

The Playstation 2 Design Custom Build of my PS5 System

For those that are interested in the build of the Playstation 5 system that I use in my videos on NASCompares, below is a collection of links to the components that make up this system.

Step 1 – The Black Matte Plates

There are ALOT of black plates that you can buy online for the PS5, but (as I found out in my own sad experience) the old cliche is true… you buy cheap, you GET cheap. You can pick up some casing for less than $20, but you will find that the internal hooks on each plate are badly formed (in the 3rd printing process) and either does not fully line up with the holes on the PS5, or are chalky on the edges. I found a good one on below that was a very good balance between build quality and price:


Step 2 – The Small PS1/PS Logo

This was way, WAY harder than it should have been to find! There are plenty of places online that sell Playstation One era logos HOWEVER they are either too big, not transparent OR are dull in colour. I found a company on eBay that sells stickers that are EXACTLY the right size, shape, colour and durability. The sticker is originally designed for the PS5 controller, I simply repurposed the sticker for the front of my PS5 console. And just £3/$4 with free/low delivery. You can find the link below:


Step 3 – The Large side panel PS5 Logo in PS2 Style

THIS was a bloody nightmare to find!!!! Again, there are plenty of two-bit sellers out there BUT they either sell shocking poor versions of the logo, non-transparent OR are paper (not plastic) stickers that are exceptionally low in durability and crease easily. In the end the very best ones I could find were from a seller on RedBubble. You will need to buy x2 (either side of your system) and there are even the means to do a PS1 tye model on great panels. IMPORTANT – Make sure you get the 14cm version. Find the link and details below:



THE ALTERNATIVE – Get the PS2 Style PS5 Build in one place

If some of the retailers selling the bits above no longer have stock OR you want to save a lot of time and effort and get it done in one go, I recommend the following page, as my brother used this and the results were exceptionally good. It lacks the small PS1 style front logo and it will cost you around £20/$25 more, but it IS easier and quicker.



Thanks for visiting. I hope you are enjoying my videos on the subject of SSD upgrades on the PS5 and hope you found the above details on my PS5 useful. Now, go outside in the sun… you look pasty and it’ll be winter soon!




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