QM2 Expansion Cards explained

QM2 Expansion Cards explained

I am not a pro IT person like yourself and followed your advice and purchased a TS-251D and have been very happy

I am looking to expand the NAS with some SSD cache and I am confused about the difference between QM2-2P-244A vs QM2-2P-344 cards except that the 344 is slightly more expensive.. 🙂

I just want to expand NAS with 1 or 2 SSD’s and not bothered about 10GBs RJ45 and confused about the difference between the 244 and 344

Appreciate your feedback if you get chance?


Here is a decoded version of a model number:


Q – Qnap

M2 – m.2

-2 – m.2 slots

P – nvme

-3 – gen 3

4 -x 4 lanes

4 – 4 internal x lanes

The speed difference between these two cards is as follows:
QM2-2P-244A -> 2GB/s
QM2-2P-344 -> 4GB/s

The speed of TS-251D PCIe is around 2000MB/s

So I would recommend QM2-2P-244A unless you would move this card to a future NAS. Then Gen3 would be useful.

I hope this helps.

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