Synology DVA3219/ DVA3221 is it worth the money?

Synology dva3219/ dva3221 is it worth the money?

Hello, love your synology reviews they are very helpful. I currently have a synology ds918+ I bought after watching one of your reviews and I’m running 11 cameras on it 3 of which are the new sunba Illuminati cams. They are awesome but I think they are sucking a lot of bandwidth because sometimes on my local network they pan and tilt and zoom and other times they freeze up and once in a while even crash my new iPhone when viewing in the ds cam app and trying to ptz out of my local network even though I portfowarded is next to impossible. I’ve been looking at your reviews of the synology 3221 with dva and I hate the false alerts I get and would love to not have to put my phone on DND every night so it does wake me up when there’s rain or snow. My question for you is this, wound it be worth buying the new dva3221 to reduce false positives and also do you think it has more horsepower to run the sunba Illuminati cams with its 4 ethernet ports? Thank you!

You should certainly connect both LAN ports to your switch/router. This will enable load balancing and make things slightly smoother.
Regards to false positives, DVA model do a better job, but I would not expect much improvement. Synology DVA is focusing more on things like people counting, face recognition and other people based AI functions. They have removed descriptions about improved false positive tackling from their product page. I guess they have decided not to improve things like rain, clouds, sun, wind false positives. If you want to use it for people detections then it is a good choice. Otherwise, it is just a waste of money at this point.

I hope this helps.


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