QNAP + Plex GPU Decoding not working

QNAP + Plex GPU Decoding

I had a question regarding my QNAP + Plex setup. I currently have a QNAP TS-873A device with Plex installed. The device has an NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU installed that I intended to be used primarily for Plex video transcoding and decoding.

I can see the GPU is detected by the QNAP OS and I have the resource mode set to “QTS Mode” under hardware resources in the control panel. However, whenever I play any videos on Plex I see the QNAP CPU taking a hit while it doesn’t seem like any of the GPU resources are being utilized.

I even checked my Plex settings and the “Use hardware acceleration when available ” and “Use hardware acceleration when available” are both enabled.

Am I missing something? Should the settings that I entered not tell Plex to use the installed GPU for the video encode and decode operations? Or am I misunderstanding something and my QNAP configuration does not support what I am trying to accomplish? Please advise.


You may find this solution helpfull.

Can’t get hardware transcoding working from PleX



Otherwise, I would contact Qnap and get this resolved.

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