QNAP TS-h973ax vs Synology DS1821+

QNAP TS-h973ax vs Synology DS1821+

I love your videos. I would like to ask you for advice and also donate for this. I would like to get advice for the type/ brand and possibly size of cache, ssd hdd for the ts-h974ax
I have now 3 TVs 4 Macbooks one MacMini and i am tired about the slow speed of my Synology 2* 8bTB Raid 1. All Macs run time machine at the Synology today. I would like to get a decent NAS, like the mentioned, and start with 2 times 10 TB Segate Ironwolf, as the speed and noise level seems to be decent. But to get my Photos private Animal und underwater -videos (today 1,6TB) with more speed and safety, I plan to upgrade my Lan to 10 GBE . My question is: What is the right Cache amount and type for the two U.2 ssd bays. I want to get at least 2 TB SSD for holding my photo libraries, in order to replace my external 2 TB nvme Thunderbolt 3 device, which is faster than needed for the Raw Pictures from the past and have it secured at the 3.5 SATA and Backed up using external drives and the old Synology. It might be overdone, but I want it right now and the size of this NAS fits in my cooled Network Cabinet quite well.
Thank you upfront for advise and please let me have the donation details.

Qnap ts-h973ax is a one good NAS. Shame it does not feature a PCIe slot. With a single 10GbE port it limits itself. DS1821+ with a dual 10GbE or even 4 LAN ports would certainly outperform this NAS. Also, dual U.2 NVMe would cost more than M.2 NVME (or you need to get an adapter QDA-UMP). DS1621xs+ would do even a better job thanks to its Xeon CPU.
None of these NAS feature graphics built-in. So this means that only software transcoding can be used when accessing videos over the internet. Local streaming to compatible devices will work just fine – no video conversion is required on the go.
If you with a Qnap, remember that ZFS does not allow adding additional drives. It is a very fixed system where you set it up right at the start. Changes will require a system reset. You also get a choice between QTS and Quts.
Regards to multimedia and backups, Qnap and Synology do an equally good job with their software.

I hope this helps.


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