Qnap vs Synology vs HP/Dell – storage, backup and application

Qnap vs Synology vs HP/Dell – storage, backup and application

I would like to have a cpmaprason betwwen these to NASs regarding storage and backup and segment and application.
plus QNAP VS HP/Dell EMC.

HP/Dell EMC are not comparable with Qnap and Synology. These big boys are made for simple data storage functions, storage for virtualization and Windows servers.
Qnap and Synology are introducing more innovation and much more user-friendly ways of setting complicated things.
Storage – the winner will be Qnap. The connectivity, tiered storage, caching and many more things Qnap do better than Synology.
Backup – Synology will be a winner. They do better synchronization and friendlier multi-platform applications.
Application – Synology will offer some great office, surveillance and multimedia apps for free. Qnap will compete with third-party apps like KODI and similar.


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