Rack cabinets for Synology 4 bay rack RS1619xs+

Synology 4-bay rack RS1619xs+ depth

My question is the DEPTH of this rack unit. I have no rack now and am hoping this is a shallower depth than their usual units. Do you have a recommended rack for this (wall mounted ideal) that would also hold a Linksys switch and BlueBolt PMU both 1U form but only about 12″ deep).

RS1619xs+ will not be any slower compared with previous units. It will be very likely to be same or similar to other 4-bay rack servers.


Size (Height x Width x Depth) 44 mm x 480 mm x 492.6 mm (1.73in x 18.89in x 19.39in)
44 mm x 480 mm x 518.6 mm (for RP model) (1.73in x 18.89in x 20.41in)


Size (Height X Width X Depth) 44 mm X 430.5 mm X 457.5 mm (1.73in x 16.94in x 18.01in)
44 mm X 430.5 mm X 591.8 mm (for RP model) (1.73in x 16.94in x 23.29in)

You will need space for around 19-20inches. Here is something which will support 19inch rack and around 20 inches deep.

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