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• It will be behind an AT&T router at my home. I have fiber to the premises. I am currently paying for 50 up and 50 down, but can upgrade. I have no problem with upgrading if the NAS supports the higher speeds.
• We perform traffic analysis. We’ll collect a lot of short video files (MP4). We need clients to be able to upload the files via SFTP preferably with SCP. We need the video to then be accessible remotely via a URL. We use a JavaScript driven HTML5 web page for remote technicians to view the video. If the connectivity can be controlled by IP or MAC ID, all the better.
o Most of the video files are 0.6 GB. However, a few can be as large as 10 GB. All are either MP4 (the vast majority) or MOV. They are not encrypted and do not require any custom codecs to play. Windows Media Player and VLC play them natively.
• We do the same with image files of vehicles (JPG), so we have the same requirements for image files as we do for video.
• We’ll typically have no more than 3 or 4 concurrent users. Most often it will just be 1 or 2.
• 4 TB will generally get me a year’s worth of files. After a year, I’ll archive off selected files for another year or two to Dropbox or an external drive before they are eventually deleted. In short, I need about 4 TB of working space. 8 TB would be better, if affordable.
• For safety, RAID would be good, although if there is backup to Dropbox then it’s not required.
• We’re not really looking for general file storage and file sharing. We have Dropbox for those purposes. However, being able to sync the files to Dropbox for backup would be a bonus.
• Being able to run a web server would be a bonus. The service would be low traffic and simply for ad hoc needs, although if the video and image files could be served up via pages on the web service (versus a URL as mentioned above) that would be a bonus.
• The ability to run a Windows &/or Linux virtual machine would be a bonus. Again, concurrent users would be very low.
If these matters would be more easily communicated on a phone call, rather than an email exchange, then please feel free to call me (469-583-5114). I’ll be available most of the day, Wednesday, 6/13.

What you are looking for is Synology DS218+ or DS718+ (if you want virtual machine).
The 100Mbit internet would speed things up, but is not compulsory.
Synology will do all of the things you have mentioned and more. You can achieve this in quite few different ways. Having two disks will ensure your business is uninterrupted and no time spent recovering data from a backup. That would mean few days lost to get back on track.
The easiest way to achieve this is with Synology free app called Moments or DS-Video. It is Web/mobile based app where you can create users so that they can upload and view their photos and videos.
You can also create users on Synology itself – so they can log in (web interface) and see their files, upload them etc.
Also you can create FTP users and they can do upload this way. Then enable web server function and find some script and have web server like YouTube or similar.
The possibilities are endless – but now you know what you need to buy. Once you start playing with it you will find your best way of using it.

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