Cheapest remote video streaming NAS

Cheapest remote video streaming NAS

Looking for a NAS to be able to play HD vidéos from anywhere I am, access and put files from anywhere I am.

Preferably a 2 bay NAS.

If you don’t want to use third-party video players like Plex and just Synology own DS Video app, then there are few budget options. DS118 as 1 drives NAS and DS218play – two NAS with transcoding engine built in. This NAS transcoding engine supports not only Full HD video but even some 4K videos. This conversion engine is very important to stream videos remotely. Because firsty you are limited to your home internet speed, then to your mobile internet or destination network speed. DS118 will not offer drive redundancy function like ds218play but as long as you have a backup in place it is an option.

Find regulary updated NAS offers here
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