Rack-mounted NAS for Plex


NAS for Plex. I’m looking to setup a NAS primarily for plex and backing up phones and computers at home. As I have a rack installed with all my network equipment contained therein I was looking at rack-mounted options such as the QNAP TS453BU-4G. Can you please advise what may be suitable for the purpose and would be some what future proof and not become redundant within the next few years.

The 453BU series is an excellent choice for Plex video streaming and even video transcoding up to Full HD resolution. You can even connect it over HDMI if for some reason your network is down. You can easily back up your mobile devices as well as computers. You can keep your sensitive data encrypted and set access restrictions for each user. And the best feature about backing up will be revisions. Similar like Dropbox- you can revert your files back to the previous versions. This is very useful. The sky is the limit with a NAS.




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