RAID VS SHR – raid enclosure that allows adding drives to it as you go.

I just discovered your SHR video on yt since my now 3 yr old OWC thunderbay 4 RAID is filling up. I almost bought another but since its been 5+ yrs since I’ve looked up RAID tech, I was wondering if there was such a thing as a upgrade on the fly RAID – i.e can I buy a raid enclosure that takes 8 drives only buy 5 drives then keep adding drives as I go. It looks like SHR is a good option?! but it sounds like I have to buy all 8 drives at once? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, Synology with SHR and Drobo with beyond RAID offer option to start with just few drives and add more later as you need them. You can even mix the capacities. NAS will manage to use the maximum available storage for you. Ordinary RAID options are not bad. But they are limited to a drive size as big as the smallest drive in the array. But you can expand regular RAID too on systems like Qnap and Synology.

I hope this helps.



SHR supported NAS list


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