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I need to get a system with the simplicity of the Drobo 5N2, with the ability to back up files unto a similar device off-site.
I also want to be able to access media files for editing on final cut pro/adobe through the network off-site, from different countries without having to download unto a local PC or laptop as I travel worldwide.

I love Drobo’s specs and ability to have an inbuilt Battery, easy config, drive access design, etc and non-complicated interface. Despite prolonged reviews though, I am not convinced I can access 4k media files easily for manipulation, assuming I had the right cables, network speed, etc. What device would you advise?

(I’ve looked at QNAP & Synology but really like the fuss-free Drobo. Can I have my cake and eat it?)

Synology offers the simplicity of Drobo. You can mix and match different size drives on models like :
20 series:  RS820RP+, RS820+, DS620slim
19 series: RS1619xs+, DS2419+, DS1019+,  RS1219+, DS1819+
The best choice would be their XS series like DS3617XS (which doesn’t allow to mix the drives), but the processing power will be efficient enough to create a virtual machine and do decent video editing. Qnap TVS-1282 would be even a better match thanks to its video transcoding engine built-in. Or if you prefer to have a dedicated PCI GPU card then TS-877 would allow you to install one.

Otherwise, you can keep your MAC or Windows machine running and connect to it remotely and edit through that. Then you can connect something cheaper like TVS-472XT (or other 72series) if you prefer Thunderbolt connection. Or DS1819+ with 10GbE card.

I hope this helps.

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