Reolink RLC-510WA compatible with Qnap

Reolink RLC-510WA compatible with Qnap

Is reolink wifi camera RLC-510WA compatible with QNAP TS-453D?
I want to use NVR but I cannot find it on the WA wifi cameras in qnap compatibility website.

The answer is yes.

Reolink cameras that support FTP or ONVIF protocols could be used on NAS including Qnap and Synology all models.

Supported models RLC-410; RLC-410-5MP; RLC-410S; RLC-411; RLC-411-5MP; RLC-411S; RLC-411S-5MP; RLC-420;RLC-420-5MP; RLC-422-4MP; RLC-422-5MP; RLC-423; RLC-423S; RLC-511; RLC-520; C1; C1 Pro; C2; C2 Pro; E1 Pro; E1 Zoom; RLC-410W; RLC-410W-5MP; RLC-410WS; RLC-411WS; RLC-411WS-5MP; RLC-422W; RLC-423WS; RLC-511W; RLC-422W-5MP;RLC-510A;RLC-520A; RLC-810A;RLC-811A;RLC-820A;RLC-822A;RLC-1220A;RLC-510WA;RLC-511WA;
Note: You could add E1 pro to QNAP and Synology, but you could not use FTP to upload E1 Pro’s videos to other NAS/hard disk since E1 Pro doesn’t support FTP function.

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