Synology 4K video downgrade (transcoding) when streaming remotely or locally on Chromecast dongle

In respect to the streaming within my home network, I am beginning to collect some x265 4K movies however I am unsure when I purchase a chromecast dongle to “beam” this content into an older TV in the bedroom whether the dongle will downgrade to the max 1080p capacity of the older TV? Do you have advice here?

It’s a bit concerning to hear the downgrade in remote video streaming. Is this a deal breaker? I was hoping to allow family time o access my NAS from overseas, does this with the 920+ now become problematic?


Dongle will surely initiate video downgrade function (also called video transcoding on the fly). No actual conversion is done one a dongle or any other receiving device. All hard work is done on a NAS itself. It video was streamed to a 4K TV via LAN or WiFi it would play original file without downgrading it. You get best quality video and no additional stress on a NAS processor/GPU chip. As long as you use Video station multimedia server app on the NAS and not Plex server then you can easily stream 4K on a Google 1080p dongle- it will downgrade easily (both h264/h265 files). Same should apply to DS920+, Synology have not tested it yet on a dongle.
While streaming remotely overseas you get hit by automatic video quality downgrade because internet upload speed and receiving device internet download speed can not stream that big video file without buffering. You could stream 720p or in some cases 1080p Full HD videos if yiu have fast broadband upload speed.
But if you don’t you can use offline transcoding feature which will automatically generate another video files besides original 4K. So if someone is streaming from remote location or from a 1080p Google dongle (or similar) then this 1080p or 720p file will be served instead. So You NAS do not need to transcode on the fly which would slow down other things on a NAS during that time.

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