Synology and HDD questions

-> Question about Lifespan and Support Lifecycle

I would like to have an idea how long (years) I realistically can use the chosen solution before having to consider to replace the NAS.

What is a realistic expectation of the lifespan of a Synology NAS like the DS2419+
What is a realistic expectation of the Synology lifecycle support for the DS2419+

Most of the Synology plus series NAS last 5 years and more. I have even heard people using it for 10 years, which is quite surprising.

-> Question about what drives to use

I have opted for the WD Red instead of the WD Red Pro drives. They offer excellent performance (more than enough for me) and are more quiet than the Pro drives (of interest to me since I have to place the NAS in my livingroom).

What is your advice regarding the use of WD Red drives in the case the number of total drives will exceed 8 somewhere in the future.

You can use regular WD Red drives even if you have more then 8 bays. Rackmount NAS would generate more vibration. But if you need a slightly quitter solution then slower spinning disks will make a difference.

-> Question related to NAS hardware failure
In the event of a NAS hardware failure I would like the recovery of my data as simple as possible.

Assuming the drives are still ok, is it possible to get a new NAS and simply transfer the drives to the new NAS and get all data back?

Are there things to consider with respect to potential recovery in the choice of the storage solution?

Yes, if NAS fails (motherboard, CPU etc.) then you can simply slide those drives into a new NAS unit.

-> Question about which RAID to choose
What is your advice on using SHR2 or RAID6 on the storage pool of the WD Red drives. What I understand is that SHR2 offers more flexibility but in my relatively simple setup I do not know the (dis)advantages of using SHR2 over RAID6.

The only reason to go for SHR is to have the ability to mix different size drives. If that is not something you need then it is better to tik with RAID5/6/10. It is easier to connect to over.

-> Question related to stolen NAS
In the event my NAS gets stolen is it always possible to get the decryped data back from an backup?

Without your encryption key, no one can decrypt the data. Make sure you keep the key safe.

-> Question about whether I should use Power Schedule or not
At the moment I do not have the need to have the NAS on 24/7. I was thinking about using Synology Power Schedule to have the NAS active for
a few hours per day so I can save up to 120 euro per year on power costs.

What is your advice regarding leaving the NAS on 24/7 or just a few hours per day in relation to the aging/wearing of the WD Red drives.

You can set it up to work only for few hours. The only effect there could be is hard drives. The NAS drives are not made for non-constant use. Every time you switch it of the heads need to land. Also, a startup means more work for the drives. So, you can do it, but there is a likelihood that you will shorten the drive potential lifetime.


I hope this helps.

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