Quite Desktop tower NAS with Dual power supply

Quite Desktop tower NAS with Dual power supply

I am a small home based business operator and was wondering what is the noise level for the Synology RackStation RS820RP+ . Will the noise be annoying/distracting if it is kept inside a home office. I think the smaller the fan, the harder it will spin causing more noise. I’ve seen this happen in 1U servers, but not sure in the case of storage device. I am mainly interested in this unit because it has dual power supply in case one goes out. I am open to other product suggestions.


The specs say:
Noise Level*    27 dB(A)
39.9 dB(A) (for RP model)

All rack-mounted units are noisy because of the fans.

But there are desktop models out there which are very quite and also feature dual power supply.

You need to look at WD PR series NAS like PR2100 and PR4100.



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