Synology disk randomly disconnects – Drive reconnection count warning

Ds1621+ disk randomly disconnects?

I have an issue. I’ve got a ds1621+ with six 4tb drives. 2 are wd red pro and the other 4 are wd red plus. This is only the second month I’ve had this nas, and this is the second monthly report the nas has emailed me, but both reports have had this issue with various drives, claiming there are random disconnects or reconnects. There are no errors, I’ve run the smart test, extended tests, no errors. The storage seems fine as I use it everyday.

What does this mean? I’ve pasted a copy of the email I got today.


I would certainly open a support ticket with Synology.
it can be a faulty backplane on slot #3.
If you had spare HDD bays, you could swap a drive and if the count is high even on a new drive then that would be proof. Synology would need to replace your NAS due to faulty hardware.

I hope this helps.


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