Synology DS1512+ with two expansions replacement

Synology DS1512+ with two expansions replacement

Hello – I found your website and youtube channel while checking out new Synology NAS units. The one I had which was an DS1512+ has just died while trying to rebuild a failed RAID volume. All I get now is a blue flashing power light when searching the internet is a failed mainboard.

So I am looking for a new system – I was going to build a UNRaid system, but have decided to go down the path on a new Synology and would like to reach out for some advise on what’s current. As you can tell from my old model, its something I am not up to speed on as the last time I went shopping for a system was a few years back.

I have all my drives from my old unit. So that’s fine.

I am looking for something maybe that offers an SSD cache (not sure how well these work in the Synology world) so maybe they are pointless? I did read some systems have MVME support.

The unit itself will just be passing out shares I don’t use any Synology Apps. Plex us run as a VM on my Dell Hyper V servers. but all the video content is stored on the Synology.

Now I do have 2 x DX510 NAS expansion units which are just eSATA connectors, so with whatever current system I go with, I wonder if I can also connect these up? (I had 15 drives in my old system)

Most of what I will be using this for is hosting media, but I do also use the web front end to download files and use it as a file manager for when I am not at home.

So I port forward to this as well. Which I would assume is standard with all Synology NAS units. The old Unit I had teamed the network cards and connected them up to the switch again I assume is standard.

Anyway, I hope I have covered everything. Please do let me know if I have missed anything and thank you for any advice you can offer.

Sorry for the slow response. Black Friday week made my inbox fill up and overflow. I am trying to give quick replies at least.
The best upgrade model for you will be DS1618+. It supports two expansion units, so you can reuse your old ones. and you will also have one extra bay for SSD caching. It speeds up things around 20%. If you work with similar data often, then it is a good feature to have. One SSD will allow you to enable read or write cache.

I hope this helps.

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