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I am looking to buy a Home NAS system primary uses are:

1) Store personal film collection 4K quality.
2) Play these films to all devices (multiple TV’s (some are not 4k), IPhone & Samung Phones, IPADS and other PC’s).
3) Store photo’s, books, music to be able to read / playback on devices
4) File Storage for home projects, Databases etc.
5) Have my own website
6) Have my own personal cloud which I can access anywhere in the world, or at least in this country.
7) Media player, for You tube, Twitch, internet TV, Kodi, Roku etc.

I have watched many you tube videos by Robbie and have more or less settled on the your AS5304T-16GC
Nimbustor 4 NAS
Stock code IBAS-5304-16G
Quick code 70604 + 41629

It seems ideally suited, for 4K movies, media player, I think I even noticed the PostgreSQL icon for databases, however I would really want to have a TV type of remote control to play films, TV etc. Does that need a bluetooth dongle? Or if I have to use a mobile phone does it still need a dongle?

I would also need to set up a back up system probably another but more basic NAS with RAID (as per one of Robbie’s advice). However although this would be done later I want to allow for it (cables/ports/speed compatible etc) now, so that when the time comes I know what type and can just slot it in without too much hassle.

However I am afraid, as I have no experience in setting up such a system. Can you please advise if you think my above choices are suitable and what else I would need to connect everything up.

The NAS will be located in the living room, connected to the TV via HDMI Lead (is there a version that I need?). My TV is connected to a Virgin Media box and the line comes from outside into the wall straight to it.

There are 3 PC’s, 3 XBoxes, 3 PS4’s upstairs in one room connected to the internet, where the internet line (again Virgin) comes directly into the room from outside into Virgin Media hub/WI-FI. The (future) NAS backup server would also be in this room.

All other devices (mobiles and pads) 8 of will be connected via Wifi and one other TV (not 4k) in a bedroom, it would need to be by WI-FI but I do not know if Virgins Hub/Wi-Fi is upto it (which I am looking into), is there any Wi-Fi upto it?

Lastly if I want to make use of the 2x 2.5GbE if it makes sense to do so, for example is it needed on the (future) second NAS the back up server? Do I need to replace the ethernet adapters in our PCS? Do I need a type of hub plus a Wire less router as opposed to the all in one by Virgin? Ideally I would like to future proof the cabling so maybe cabling that can allow for 10GB over 30 meters? I was thinking for cabling maybe the Optic Fibre as that overall uses less power and can handle longer distance? But I do not know what other equipment Hubs/Ethernet adapters I would need or even if they would work on my PC’s (about 3 – 4 years old now).

In summary, I would be really grateful for advice on:

1) Do you think my choice of NAS is suitable to my requirements?
2) I would like a TV style remote control, will that need a dongle? (if you sell them and the remote, then please add code and cost to the list).
3) If I use my mobile as the control would that need a dongle?
4) What do I need to get/do given the above description in order to set up & connect. If you have the items (be it hub plus a separate suitable Wi-Fi which connects to Virgin Media (it has a strange screw in connector with a single copper wire in the centre), to correct types of cable etc. Please list them, stock codes and prices, NB: the secondary NAS is for later so need to worry about that for now, just need to allow for the fact I will eventually be getting one which is suitable for this set up and maybe one more PC.

5) What would be the overall cost please?

6) I am sorry that number 4 is a big ask and am embarrassed to ask for more, but if I get stuck installing and getting it running, do you folk have an initial free help line? Or maybe a paid support line after the initial set up?

many thanks for your time


The AS5304T is indeed a genius release by Asustor. Qnap still has not released HDR-compatible NAS capable of streaming such 4K contents via HDMI (only via Ethernet). Asustor includes remote to control HDMI played content. But if you want to use your phone, it will work via WiFi. No dongle needed in either case.
You also do not need a special HDMI cable to stream 4K. But do get decent quality one so it lasts.
Virgin WiFi is using 5Ghz mode and should work with all of the devices. New WiFi6 router are slowing coming into the market and is capable of serving more devices simultaneously. But there are not many out there.
Having a cheap second NAS would be a good thing to do to keep your data safe against disasters like fire/flood/burglars. A 2.5GbE doesn’t require a wiring upgrade (in fact even 5GbE), but it will require PC upgrade to a faster card. You might find it interesting that 2.5 and 5GbE cards will cost the same. So better to get faster card since all standards are backward compatible.

I hope this helps.

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