Qnap TS-873 vs TVS-872XT for Video editing

Qnap TS-873 vs TVS-872XT for Video editing

I’m expanding my post-production suite for my small production company and I’m looking for the best value HIgh-speed NAS for video editing.

I thinking an 8 bay unit with M2 slots for SSD caching is what I need and 10GbE. I need to connect up to 4 users at the same time and would like read/write speeds of at least 500MB/s per user preferably higher.

I’m looking at the 872XT on the higher end and the 873 on the lower end.

I don’t care about video transcoding or plex or using it as a home video server. I need a fast NAS for video editing. Now at the moment, I do have Macs with Thunderbolt but I might be moving on to AMD Ryzen systems with 10GbE so I’m not sure the Thunderbolt will give me that much extra value. Although for the price you already get them and 1 x 10GBe already installed…

In my scenario would the 873 serve just as well as the 872 xt? Or is there a Synology unit you would also suggest?

In terms of RAM and CPU I have NO idea how that impact performance for video editing so some insight on that would be great!

Also which dual 10GbE expansion cards does one need to get and how much are they?

TVS-872XT is twice as fast compared to TS-873. But if all you need is simply a fast storage space then both will perform very similar. Qnap have not tested 72XT with dual 10GbE card, but you can see a pattern here:

Qnap have also released TVS-872N which is stripped from its Thunderbolt card. But the same as the XT it features NVMe cache slots. Many people turn these into a separate volume for faster editing storage space. But TS-873 features regular SATA speed cache (can also be used as volume or tiered storage).

I love the option of GPU card upgrade if you do decide to distribute finished videos. The transcoding function would then help.

So in this situation, I would pick one of these with the best deal available as today as they will all perform similarly.

I hope this helps.

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