Synology Moments/Photos – is face recognition and filters any good?

Robbie, if my memory does not fail me, while talking about Moments a year or two ago you mentioned that “one may have to create that one has albums manually”. I did not think about it until now where the need came up: I’ve got about 30k photos from my and my wife’s phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. They are in a helter skelter gathered into a 4TB external drive. A friend suggested waiting for DSM 7 that will create folders automatically in Moments and Photo Station based on the Exif date and not the modified date when Windows touches a picture. I have not used the version 7 beta. Is that true? In the meantime I’ve got the daunting task of responding to my wife’s request such as:”can you find Maggie’s photo a few years back at the St.Patrick’s parade”. With face recognition Moments responds with photos of Maggie that are more recent and have nothing to do with any parade. From my perspective it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The more I think of it the more I realise that I am gonna have to: 1-create albums/folders manually and 2- populate them with the corresponding photos. Bummer! 😁 A little disappointed with this functionality of the Synology NAS (DS918+).
Maybe I’m missing something here. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Face recognition might not be perfect but it does some work. Filters are fairly difficult to use.
First of all, I had to spend 15 minutes merging all photos under a person name. People do age, but the robot is not smart enough to understand it.
Once you filer by a person, you can not use a filter for places. Quite annoying. So I end up using a person filter then use CTRL+F to find the place and use a Timeline on the right-hand side to see the years it’s taken.
I think photos are organised based on the time it is taken not edited. But I will need to double-check that.

So, yes, it is not perfect, but it does something. They should reuse some function for the photo station. Things like Map GEO view and linking a folder instead of allowing only private albums would help.

I hope this helps.




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