Synology NAS as web app server?

synalogy nas as web app server?

I look for the best solution for running a series of web app on my home server.

I have already developed a series of web apps with the following technologies, that I want to transfer on another server.

My apps are currently using the following: ubuntu 18.04 / python (3), javascript, … / postgresql / web2py / Apache + a series of python libraries.

I am also using a reverse proxy (DDNS) service – currently at d-link, buth I need to change.

Up to now, I use a self signed certificate.
It is not clear to me if I can consider a Synology NAS alternative, or if I should rather consider another solution like a dell server.

If you want a Web server you should get a Dell or self-built PC with Ubuntu installed on it. This will turn out to be a cheaper and more customizable solution. NAS can easily host a web site as well. But you might find it limited if you are used to Linux environment. But that said, Synology and Qnap runs on Linux backbone. You can use SSH/WinSCP to connect and alter things and settings.
People choose NAS to be their webserver simply because you can install everything like an app. You also get RAID data protection and most importantly it can serve you as a network-attached storage disk which you can access from anywhere.

NAS like DS918+ and DS1019+ and TS-453Be is a good starting point with NVMe cache speeding things up.


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