Synology phasing out transcoding function from DS Video / Video Station?

Synology will stop transcoding support? Message Body: Hello! In Michael. I like you and your youtubechannel and watched many videos so far. I am currently in the process buying a DS920 +. Primary use for file and video server. Because I could not find how many streams the 920+ can transcode simultaneously, I asked Synology support and just got a shocking answer. They wrote: “Unfortunately, video transcoding is no longer officially supported on our new devices. Unfortunately, this situation has arisen due to external circumstances. The function itself is still available and works without any problems in the current DSM.” This means, Synology will stop transcoding support. It will work so far, but for feature its an unofficial feature. What do you think about this? I think thats a really bad news!

That can not be true. Their new model still features a Celeron CPU with a graphics chip. We have tested transcoding ourselves.
The only problem there might be is with third-party apps like Plex. But it is in the app makers’ hands to add this function or not. Synology have no say about this.

I hope this helps.


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