Do I need maximum RAM size and do unofficial parts damage the NAS?

upgrading Synology DS920+ with cache and RAM

I have seen your video about upgrading DS920+ with 16 and 32 GB crusial sticks. And I read mentioned reddit forum, where the results where much different. Some people had really problems with 16GB RAM sticks. And there was not enough people yet, to confirm safety of such experiment. Some are pointing out on fact, that new updates of synology may damage device if it detect not officially supported RAM.

Can you say what may break on this NAS if you try to upgrade with unoficial sticks? How big may be damage?

I consider to lower risk by using only 4GB or 8GB RAM stick from Crucial with the same specificiations like that 16GB module, You used in your test on video. Except, 16GB module was dual rank and this smaller module is single rank. How much safe do you think this action is? In my case it is a quite big investment into buying Ds920+. In Slovakia cost is about 550€ which like one month salary for average Slovak.

Crucial CT4G4SFS8266 , Crucial CT8G4SFS8266

Same issue, how big problems may cause not officialy supported NVME M.2 SSD? Those supported like Samsung EVO or Seagate ironwolf are outrageously expensive.

I was considering something much cheaper and also less powerfull like this GIGABYTE 256GB module:    UK   USA

which cost here just about 50€

Using unofficial RAM or M.2 SSD will not damage anything. It is just a memory and cache. Synology tried to display warnings because they can not make a profit from their sticks. You should surely follow CPU manufacturer guidelines and choose supported RAM.
With the capacity many people go over the top. You do not need more than 8GB. Those who install 8 -32GB most likely need this RAM for virtual machines.
For normal daily tasks there is no need for so much RAM.

I hope this helps.

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