TerraMaster vs Lacie big DAS systems

Hi! my name is Rolando Schmidt, a photographer and video producer in the chilean patagonia.
We started with our studio 4 years ago, when storage was not an issue.
Today I am an “eager of knowledge” follower of your videos, Which I feel are the more didactic and easy to understand in youtube, for someone who is not familiarized with NAS, like me.
Today we are running 2 projects in 4k, that´s why I bought a DAS TerraMaster D2 Thunderbolt 3 using two 4TB Ironwolf pro discs in a raid 0 setup, using it like an external edition unit. However, we are happily growing now and we are going to start 4 more projects, dealing with Log files. That means that we will be managing “hopefully” at least 12 TB of native video files to start our edition. That´s why I´m concerned about what NAS should I buy, and what setup is the best to be sure that my files are safe, to use it as a storage and as edition solution. I thought about LaCie 6big 24TB 6-Bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID Array (6 x 4TB), but, it seems a bit more expensive than others.
I would be so thankful if you could give me an advice on it.
And finally, my last question, do you make on line advisories? I mean I would gladly pay an on line session to help me to make the setup of the unit to learn from you what it´s needed.


If you are happy so far with Terramaster then you may consider a bigger box from the same brand
Lacie 6big is usually more expensive because it includes hard drives. But otherwise, there is no much of a difference.
Things to look for is Hardware RAID- this speeds up data transfers.
If you want to collaborate with other people then NAS would allow that. But speeds are slower than DAS but all you need is 400MB/s per each 4K editor.
The popular choice is TVS-672XT/872XT.

I hope this helps.




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