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Hello, can you tell me another heatsinks that I can use in my to buy QNAP TVS-672 XT for 2x32gb crucial memorys, because the ones that you recommend are out of stock., Best regards, These memorys are still your recommendation for the QNAP TVS-672 XT, since I saw your new video @


I have found these two :



Mounting Style: SMD/SMT


Material: C1100 Copper


Color: Copper tone


Coating: No Coating / Pure Copper


Thermal conductivity: 401W/mK


Built for SO-DIMM physical layout of memory ram.


Dimension: 63mmx23mmx0.5mm / 2.48′ x 0.91′ x 0.02′ (L*W*T)


Weight: 0.17 oz / 5 gram per piece


Pre applied 3M 8810 thermal conductive adhesive tape


Tape Thermal Conductivity: 0.60 W/m-K


Standard: RoHS compliance


Model No: 6323-05C02-8810


Package includes: 2 pieces SO-DIMM Laptop RAM heatsink


  • The ultra thin radiator is designed for the notebook and some small space heat dissipation
  • Thickness: 0.5mm, use less space.
  • Graphene is the most efficient heat conductor in the world,Its thermal conductivity can reach 5300W/m·K, pure copper only 386.4W/m·K and aluminum only 237 2W/m·K. You can use the temperature software to test the temperature before and after installation, you will find that it is more efficient than other radiators.
  • Parcel: Contains one pc Graphene Coating pure copper cooling vests
  • Note: Before purchasing, determine if your size is suitable for this product, so as not to cause inconvenience to you.




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4 thoughts on “NAS Memory RAM Cooler Heatsinks

  1. That was a complete wate of time. No info on the ECC. Useless tests. No proof that ECC really is enabled. There must be some tool in the linux layer that can show this (e.g. dmidecode). Showing VMs RAM is no proof of anything. Could be handled as balloon device of the VM-layer. This is a complete shit-show!