NAS Memory RAM Cooler Heatsinks


Hello, can you tell me another heatsinks that I can use in my to buy QNAP TVS-672 XT for 2x32gb crucial memorys, because the ones that you recommend are out of stock., Best regards, These memorys are still your recommendation for the QNAP TVS-672 XT, since I saw your new video @


I have found these two :



Mounting Style: SMD/SMT


Material: C1100 Copper


Color: Copper tone


Coating: No Coating / Pure Copper


Thermal conductivity: 401W/mK


Built for SO-DIMM physical layout of memory ram.


Dimension: 63mmx23mmx0.5mm / 2.48′ x 0.91′ x 0.02′ (L*W*T)


Weight: 0.17 oz / 5 gram per piece


Pre applied 3M 8810 thermal conductive adhesive tape


Tape Thermal Conductivity: 0.60 W/m-K


Standard: RoHS compliance


Model No: 6323-05C02-8810


Package includes: 2 pieces SO-DIMM Laptop RAM heatsink


  • The ultra thin radiator is designed for the notebook and some small space heat dissipation
  • Thickness: 0.5mm, use less space.
  • Graphene is the most efficient heat conductor in the world,Its thermal conductivity can reach 5300W/m·K, pure copper only 386.4W/m·K and aluminum only 237 2W/m·K. You can use the temperature software to test the temperature before and after installation, you will find that it is more efficient than other radiators.
  • Parcel: Contains one pc Graphene Coating pure copper cooling vests
  • Note: Before purchasing, determine if your size is suitable for this product, so as not to cause inconvenience to you.




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