Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving SATA Port Issues on CWWK N100/I3 Motherboard


The issue faced by the user with the CWWK N100/I3 motherboard was related to SATA port recognition in the BIOS. Specifically, the BIOS was only detecting a subset of the SATA ports available on the motherboard, which hindered the user’s ability to configure RAID setups and properly install operating systems.

To solve this problem, the user took the following steps:

  1. Contacting Manufacturer Support: The user reached out to the manufacturer’s support (CWWK chat) to report the issue. After communication with the manufacturer’s support team, they were able to provide assistance and resolve the problem.
  2. Installation of Operating System: Despite the BIOS issue, the user proceeded to install the OpenMediaVault (OMV) operating system on their build. Interestingly, even though the BIOS didn’t detect all SATA ports, OMV was able to recognize and utilize all the SATA ports effectively. This allowed the user to proceed with their NAS setup and install necessary services on OMV without further hindrance from the BIOS limitation.






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  • BIOS Update (if applicable)

    If your motherboard’s BIOS version is outdated, updating it might help resolve the SATA port recognition issue. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest BIOS updates and follow their instructions carefully to update your BIOS.

    • How to Update BIOS:
      • Download the latest BIOS file from CWWK’s official website.
      • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to create a bootable USB drive with the BIOS update.
      • Restart your system and enter BIOS setup (usually by pressing DEL or F2 during boot).
      • Navigate to the BIOS update utility and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update.
      • After updating, restart your system and check if all SATA ports are now recognized.
  • Installing OpenMediaVault (OMV)

    As you’ve experienced, sometimes the operating system installation itself resolves hardware recognition issues. OMV, being based on Debian Linux, has robust driver support for various hardware configurations, including SATA controllers.

    • How to Install OMV:
      • Download the latest version of OpenMediaVault from their official website.
      • Create a bootable USB drive with OMV using tools like Rufus (for Windows) or dd (for Linux).
      • Boot from the USB drive and follow the OMV installer prompts to install the operating system.
      • Once installed, configure OMV and ensure all SATA drives are recognized under Storage > Disks.
  • Installing Services on OpenMediaVault

    After resolving the hardware issue, proceed with installing additional services or applications on OMV to enhance your NAS functionality.

    • Example Services to Install:
      • Samba: For Windows file sharing.
      • Transmission: BitTorrent client for downloading files directly to your NAS.
      • Plex or Emby: Media server applications for streaming media to various devices.

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