TS-251+ or TS-251B for Plex

I want to upgrade from my very old Synology. Though happy with Synology, whats the fun in choosing them again? Therefore im looking at Qnap, more specifically TS-251+. It just doesnt feel well to upgrade to a model, which was made in 2015. I would like something that is at least somewhat new when im buying it. Is this TS-251B going to be the replacement? I dont know the price yet in Denmark but they look somewhat similar specs wise, though i prefer the design of the + model.
I would like it to be a decent plex server, but rarely will more than 1 person use Plex at the same time.
I’ve followed your site for news on new Qnaps but this seems to be the only 2bay NAS to arrive this year, is that correct? Also looked at Synology cus curious, but seemed like they have no 2bays on the way.

Yes, the TS-251B is the latest 2-bay release and seems like there won’t be new 2-bays this year. This new Qnap model is long overdue DS218+ alternative featuring the same CPU. Both of these models are a great value for money choice. You can easily run Plex on it locally and also remotely. Qnap as always offer a little more for the same money. This time it is HDMI if you like to connect things directly. And also PCIe slot for a 10GbE upgrade if you have an office with multiple computers to back up quickly. The TS-251+ is indeed old NAS and soon will be discontinued. The TS-251b will fill the gap.

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