TS-453Be or DS918+ or should I wait for DS920+

I follow you in your youtube channel and here at nascompare.com

I want to buy a nas for program, photos, music storage and windows backup.

I f can create virtual machines would be a great.

I been thing on QNAP TS-453Be NAS
new Synology DS920 that hasnt been release

what would you recommend?


Yes, Qnap TS-453Be would be a very good choice. Similar to DS918+ it also features same CPU with a same graphics chip. New DS920+ specs show that new graphics chip is performing worse for 4K HDR videos. If you need it for 4K, maybe it is better to wait and see some performance reviews.
Nothing else apart from CPU and RAM has changed in a new model.
Any of these NAS will feature the same warranty and will perform equally well for things like backups, file storage and other apps.

I hope this helps.

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