TS-873 or TVS-951x

I have been reading a lot about the different NASes, comparing the specs (ATTACHED) this weekend and I do see that the TVS951x is a neat package as you suggest too. The Synology DS1817+
also looks quite good, but from what I can see it only has one Extension port which will force you to choose between either a fast network card or a SSD M2 card? Is this correct?
For this reason the QNAP TS873 can be a good alternative to the DS1817+ too.

At the moment I do not have any other 10gbe network hardware so till this is in place I will not get any use of the 10gbe network. I think the Tbase looks most interesting path to follow.
I am not doing any video editing at the moment so more moderate speeds are acceptable for now. But I do see that there will be needs for more performance within the next
6-12 months with some upcoming projects for next year. So with this in mind I was looking into some of the alternative models.

I found the QNAP TS-873 also to have quite impressive specs for my kind of use.
Price: TS-873 price is similar to the TVS951x
CPU: From the CPU becnhmarks the 873 seems quite a lot better than the 951?(Benchmark 4740 vs 1978)
RAM: 8gb onboard expandable to 64gb, 951x is 8gb also but max 32gb)
BAYS: 8×3,5″ bays is quite futureproof with good capacity (i.e. 8x10tb disks in RAID5)
M2.SSD: 2xslots for SSD built in to unit (Is this similar/same as the 951x’s 4 bays for SSD when it comes to usabillity and performance? I was unable to distinct the two, except number of bays and where they are located)
PCIe: 2 PCIe expansion slots (For a future 10gbe card) is great
10gbe: NOT included on the 873, must be addded via PCIe card later.
HDMI/VGA: Not included on the 873, I don’t think I need this till 2019.
Read Speeds: Qnap claims 2379mb/s for the TS873 and 779mb/s for 951x. Which seems quite significant to me. I am not expecting these numbers, but it seems like quite a difference under ideal conditions.

Is there anything obvious I am missing here? Or do I put too much enthuiasm into the CPU/RAM/read speeds and number of bays while comparing the two? I am not sure if I will need the 8 bays the next 5 years,
nor maybe not the added CPU power the 873 provides. Unsure if I will miss the built in GPU (found on 951x).

My feeling is that with the TS873 is a bit more futureproof solution due to the 8 bays, the extra RAM capacity, the 2 expansion slots (Where 1 will be ocupied by a 10gbe network card) and the claimed speeds.
While the 951x feels a bit more “all-in-one” solution with less expansion possibilities and flexibility for future needs.
The similar pricing (at least before adding extensions or 10gbe network), which do you feel will be more futureproof and bang for the bucks of the two?

TS873-4G        £756+VAT        NOK  9.645      incl. VAT
TS873-8G        £820+VAT        Not 10.985      incl. VAT
10gbe Network card 1100NOK (QXG-10G1T) / 3000NOK (LAN-10G2T-X550)
TVS-951x-2G     £625+VAT        NOK  8.360      incl. VAT
TVS-951x-8G     £787+VAT        NOK 11.048      incl. VAT


If you need future proof solution the x73 series are really the way to go. The x51x is a fixed solution which can not be expanded much. There is no Pcie slot or cache slots on the board. People who buy 51x know that this is all they ever gonna need from this NAS. If you have growing business you need expandable/up-gradable solution.

The  TS873 seems like it is more expensive at the start, but actually it is cheaper if you look at the price per 3.5″ bay (+2X M.2 slots on the board). The price is also higher because CPU is more then twice faster. The processor power can also be consumed when doing 10GbE transfers. The x73 series tests were better because of more bays filled with drives and the 10GbE card installed separately (dual port and 4 port). The single port 10GbE would deliver same results as 51x. Simply because single 10GbE max throughput speed is around 1000MB/s.

The best thing about TS873 is that you can upgrade it over the time. You can add one or two M.2 SSD drives for caching or even tiered storage. Then later ass 10GbE card which is getting so cheap lately (under 100). And also add a cheap graphics card (also under 100).


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