TVS-972XU i3 vs Synology RS1619XS+ video editing/rendering directly

I am looking to invest in a NAS but am unsure of what is best although I am attracted to the Synology RS1619XS+ after looking around. Current infrastructure; home with cat5e hardwiring throughout the home. All wires go down to a centralised rack in the basement. Network run by DrayTek 2862 router + 3 x 10/100/1000 switches. Home systems, Windows PC all ultra portable laptops no desktops, android mobile, cbus and rti home automation. Needed usage; centralised media storage (photos and video), backup of Windows PCS in case of complete loss to fully restore system in new unit, CCTV recording storage, offsite access. Planned future usage in future, transfer of surveillance from HIK vision drive, using a virtual machine on the NAS to edit video/photo. Budget/size of drives, flexible with future proofing in mind.

The rs1619+ is indeed a good choice for so many things running simultaneously.
You will definitely find it easier to use Synology surveillance system.
You may want to use Red Pro drives to keep accessibility speed high.


What do you think of the Synology compared to the QNAP TVS-972XU i3 as I believe that has the option of installing a graphics card which I assume will help with video editing/rendering directly on the NAS.

The Qnap 972xu is equally powerful. But it is missing NVMe slots. You can install them with additional card bet then you loose a PCIe slot.
A graphics card will not improved editing speed. It is meant for virtualisation or video transcoding function.
Unless you plan to edit remotely on a virtual machine.



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