Upgrade from DS216J to DS218 or DS218 – Migration

Upgrade from DS216J to DS218 or DS218 – Migration

Hi, I currently have DS216J and thinking upgrading to DS218 or DS220+ and need some guide to how to replace exciting HDD over to new NAS. is there a walk-through guide ? I’m not sure by just swapping the HDD over to new NAS will work?

Yes, you can move drives from J series to VALUE series models (ds218/ ds218play models that are not J nor + ). Migrating to Plus series (ds220+ etc) would require resetting the system. You can use a backup disk to move data or if you get new drives for a new NAS you can copy data over using the network.


I hope this helps.


  • HDD migration to a different Synology NAS model is not available if your source Synology NAS is listed here:
    • 20-series: DS420j, DS220j
    • 19-series: RS819
    • 18-series: DS418, DS418j, DS218, DS218play, DS118
    • 17-series: DS1817, DS1517
    • 16-series: DS416, DS416play
    • 15-series: DS2015xs, DS1515, DS715, DS415play, DS215+
    • 14-series: DS214, DS214play
    • 13-series: DS413, DS213+
    • 12-series: DS212+, DS112+
    • 11-series: DS211+
    • 10-series: DS410, DS210+, DS110+
  • If your source Synology NAS is not listed above, refer to the table below to see whether your source and destination Synology NAS are able to migrate through HDD migration. An “O” means that HDD migration works, and a “X” means that HDD migration between the two Synology NAS is not allowed.2



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