Upgrade Synology loud fans to a silent rackmount

Upgrade Synology loud fans to a silent rackmount

I purchased a RS1221RP+ and could not live with the noisy fans (2 large in case 2 inside PSUs). It was so bad I considered selling however i fitted a pair (1 in each psu) of Wakefield fans from digikey (USA), they took 3 days to arrive and it’s almost silent now. Temperatures are normal. I just wondered if this is something you would consider for a video?

PART: 345-DC0382012U2B-2T0-ND £39.00 delivered
MFG : Wakefield-Vette / DC0382012U2B-2T0

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5 thoughts on “Upgrade Synology loud fans to a silent rackmount

  1. you need to insert a blade screwdriver at the top to pop out the iec power socket which is holding the case in from sliding back… the hard part is finding the correct connector as per the comment below, i’m hoping someone figured it out!

  2. Would you happen to know what kind of connector the stock fans use? I’m looking to try to keep the original fans in their stock configuration in case I need to swap them back in at some point. I’ve been looking through Digikey for quite a while now trying to find an appropriate connector with no success. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Hi there. We have the same issue – foolish question, but how do you actually open the case on the RS1221+ PSUs to do this repair? We removed the screw and it seems the unit should just slide backwards, but something it preventing it from doing so. Help!